fish in New Zealand are poisoned by microplastics

A grim picture of the state of the ocean: almost all fish in New Zealand are poisoned by microplastics

According to a New Zealand government report, one in three fish are poisoned by microplastics, a huge proportion of native seabirds are threatened with extinction, and warmer oceans are becoming unsuitable for native species.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has determined that 90% of native seabirds, 82% of native waders, 81% of assessed marine invertebrate species, and 22% of marine mammal species are classified as endangered.

“Our oceans are deteriorating at an alarming rate and we risk losing precious habitats forever,” said Green Party spokeswoman Eugenie Sage.

Environment Minister David Parker pointed to a plan to reduce emissions, a ban on single-use plastic bags and freshwater management plans to reduce pressure on the ocean’s ecology.